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Stay Single enjoy live

The new single dating!, don't commit immediately. Enjoy the single life. Falling in love is allowed.

  • That phrase you see more and more. Someone wants a date, sounds relaxed. And it is, as long as you know exactly what you're getting into.
  • A single date is the opposite of a steady love affair. No strings attached. It's quick, often sexual and then it's c'est ça.
  • There is just a little more affection involved than with a one night stand which is by definition sexual and a one time thing.
  • So it's okay to have a few casual dates with the same person, as long as there are no feelings or expectations of monogamy. Then it will automatically be less casual.
  • Why you would do it? Maybe because you don't feel like the one night stand and shy away from the steady relationship a bit. You want to stay on the ground between the two for a while and then, shorter or longer, you're a casual dater.
  • If you do fall in love, that's fine, of course.

  • Conscious Singles do not need an immediate relationship,
  • Conscious Singles enjoy their lives in their own way,
  • Conscious Singles want to share their lives, and (special) moments with others,
  • Conscious Singles make conscious choices, including friendships
  • .

  • Express that you are proud, to be consciously single. Your life, your choices. On the road with the "Single" who wants that too.
  • Create friendships, which do not have to become relationships. Many appealing, conscious Single friends for now and in the future!

Unique because everyone may know, indeed must know, that you are a Single member!

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