Involved Single Team Members

Our Team Members are available for you daily from 09:00 - 23:00. Create a ticket for questions and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Some core values are with the Single Team:

  • Respect for the other
  • Privacy
  • Reliability
  • Handle rules of conduct, see Terms and Conditions.
Daily photos are checked manually. Partly because of technical support we can intervene in time. This allows us to offer you a safe and fun meeting place.

You can register for free at Single.nl. This allows you to properly orient whether "The Conscious Single" suits you. You can create a profile and post photos and receive messages. Once you choose a paid membership, you have all the options.

  • There is just a little more affection involved than with a one night stand which is by definition sexual and a one time thing.
  • So it's okay to Consciously date the same person a few times, as long as there are no feelings or expectations of monogamy. Then it's more Stay Single Enjoy Life.
  • Why you would do it? Maybe because you don't feel like the one night stand and shy away from the permanent relationship a bit. You want to stay on the ground between the two for a while and then, shorter or longer, you'll be The Conscious Single.

  • If you do fall in love, of course, that's fine.
  • Conscious Singles do not need an immediate relationship,
  • Conscious Singles enjoy their lives in their own way,
  • Confident Singles want to share their lives, and (special) moments with others,
  • Conscious Singles make conscious choices, including friendships
  • .
  • Expressing that you are proud, to be consciously single. Your life, your choices. On the road with the "Single" who wants that too.
  • Create friendships, which don't have to become relationships. Many appealing, conscious Single friends for now and in the future!

      Unique because everyone may know, indeed must know, that you are a Single member!

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