Dating tips:

Take a nice profile picture of yourself. Or a good selfie. Make sure you look happy and with a smile. Look into the camera, it is charming and contagious.

  • Wherever you are going, go there on your own. You never know how a first date will go and you are free to go as you please.
  • Make sure you have money with you. This is because if one of you decides to go early then you can pay for your own consumption.
  • Pick a public place where you can date in peace. This is safe and see if it clicks!
  • Don't plan a full programme in advance. Start calmly with a cup of coffee and/or a drink. Then see if the appointment can be longer if you both want it.
  • Choose the right clothes for the first date. Play it safe and keep your clothes casual. So don't be too flashy, too sexy, too boring, too neat. Go with what you feel comfortable in. It is good for your confidence.
  • If you are dining out, choose something that is easy to eat. So eat with chopsticks or spaghetti and save it for when you are more comfortable with each other. You will then avoid any mess.
  • Give him or her a chance. The first time, the person may feel insecure, shy and not quite at ease. But who knows?
  • Show your best side. Turn off your mobile beforehand. Don't check during the conversation who answered your mobile phone. Show genuine interest and be careful not to talk too much. Listen to the other person.
  • Let go of problems with exes. This first date does not have to become a psychological session. Keep the conversation light and airy.
  • If you would like to see someone again, let them know. If you really don't fancy someone, it is better to say so straight away. It will save both of you unnecessary hassles.

When meeting, ask open-ended questions, i.e.:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • What
  • How
  • You will get information and answers from the other person. Keep asking about things you want to know more about or that are not clear. For example: how do you see this?

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